SEAL Team season 5 episode 11 promo hypes up danger to come

SEAL Team Paramount+After a long break SEAL Team season 5 episode 11 is poised to air on Paramount+ this Sunday; are you ready for some epic drama?

We left the David Boreanaz series off in a place where Bravo was in grave danger; for starters, the trust in Jason Hayes as a leader is quickly falling apart. You can see some of Clay’s anger in the video below, and at this point, it’s clear that he and Ray are facing some really difficult decisions. Both of them are probably well-aware that speaking with Command could have its fair share of ramifications; yet, so is doing nothing. Jason has a TBI and isn’t receiving proper treatment for it; the longer this lasts, the more perilous the situation becomes.

It would be one thing if these characters were just sifting through the aftermath of everything that happened. Yet, we’re also well-aware of the fact that there’s more missions coming their way and problems that need to be attended to. There are also issues at home. Remember for a moment here that Clay is a new father, Ray and Sonny have families, and everyone is leaving something major behind whenever they step on that plan.

If the goal for SEAL Team was to make us very-much concerned over whatever the future could hold, it’s clear to say that they’ve found some success in that. We’re absolutely concerned, and there are going to be even more struggles that reveal themselves in the coming weeks. We’re so invested in all of these people and want them to be okay. Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation at this point that it’s going to be possible.

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