This Is Us season 6 spoilers: Jon Huertas on Rebecca, Miguel story

Jon HuertasIn just over a week’s time the This Is Us season 6 premiere is going to be here! Are you ready for a heartfelt, emotional final chapter to this story? We know that we’re still wrapping our head around the idea that it’s going away, but also eager to get some more answers to a number of burning questions.

What’s one of the biggest ones we have at the moment? Think the journey of Rebecca and Miguel has a couple. The two were together, split, and then reconnected years later — and are now married in the present day. They’ve gone through a lot, and that includes skepticism from some of Rebecca’s own children about the idea of her being paired up with her late husband’s best friend. It wasn’t easy for them to accept, but Miguel does seem like a worthy partner and we know that even fans have come around to him.

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We’ve made it clear over the years that we are really excited to watch this story play out — and it’s nice to hear some of the cast feel the same way. Here’s some of what Jon Huertas had to say on the matter to Entertainment Weekly:

“Mandy and I are really excited … We have discovered over the years that we have pretty great chemistry and we make each other laugh like nobody else. What I can tease is that the chemistry that Mandy and I have — we’ll see that same chemistry with Miguel and her. I think the audience will understand how something as profound as a relationship with between a best friend and his best friend’s widow could even happen. And the way that the writers have gone about it, it’s so beautiful. We take our time, and it’s just beautifully told.”

It’s our hope that this story will eventually end with an answer to a question we’ve long been hoping to get: Is Miguel still alive in the flash-forwards? If he is, we haven’t seen him yet.

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What do you think is coming for Rebecca and Miguel over the course of This Is Us season 6?

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