Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 9 preview: Will Dexter tell the truth?

Dexter: New Blood season 1As we look towards Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 9, it’s fair to say a paradigm shift is fully here!

After all, we saw at the conclusion of this weekend’s episode 8 that Dexter is ready to tell the truth to his son Harrison. For a long time, he thought that keeping the truth from him was going to be the best thing for him. That was before he realized that Harrison had his own Dark Passenger, or that all his son really wanted was to understand. Why did Dexter leave? Why did he pretend to be someone else?

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Based on the promo that aired at the end of episode 8, it does seem as though Michael C. Hall’s character is getting ready to spill the beans about pretty much everything. He can explain more why he wanted to protect Harrison but also how he manages his inner darkness. That are things that could help Harrison, or at least give him someone else to talk to. Maybe he has some secrets of his own! We know that there are a lot of people out there who do think that he may have been responsible for the death of Hannah McKay, rather than her passing away from cancer. (It feels unlikely, but still.)

Unfortunately for Dexter and Harrison, the next episode isn’t going to be just about some idle chit-chat between the two characters. Instead, we’re going to be seeing the two contend with Kurt Caldwell, who just tied to kill Harrison and would have had Dexter not showed up when he did. All cards are on the table now, and things are going to get intense.

What do you think is going to happen on Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 9?

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