‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 preview: New Australian promo for ‘The Suicide King’

The Walking Dead season 3There is less then a month wait until “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC to wrap up the epic conclusion to season 3 and fans couldn’t be more excited to see who is going to come out victorious in the war between the Governor and Rick.

Now that the Governor has lost his daughter Penny (at the hands of Michonne) his last bit of humanity died with her and he is a raging lunatic hell bent on revenge against Rick’s camp.  With the knowledge that the Governor is coming for them, Rick seems to feel that holding strong at the prison is the best move for the group, but in a new promo released in Australia we can see that not everyone agrees with that decision.  Herschel talks with Glenn about getting the group together and moving out of the prison to somewhere safer, but Glenn reminds him that not only does Herschel have one leg, making it difficult for the group to go long distances and relocate, but that they have a screaming baby with them now leaving a huge target on their backs for walkers while they are on the road.

We also see Andrea pleading with the Governor to talk to the people of Woodbury, telling him that they are scared and need his strength, but he isn’t listening and stays strong on his focus – finding Rick, Michonne and the group to make them pay for what happened to Penny and for taking his eye.

Take a look at the new promo for “The Walking Dead” season 3 below and let us know who you think will win the war – Rick or the Governor.  Also what side do you think Andrea will fall on, will she stay with her lover and fight for him or will she return to Rick’s group?

Photo: AMC (Source: Spoiler TV)

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