Succession season 4: How Tom’s future was crafted in the past

Succession season 4We know that, unfortunately, Succession season 4 isn’t going to be on the air for a long time — but when it does, Tom Wambsgans could be at the center. It’s hard to imagine a world in which he isn’t based on the season 3 finale.

We recognize that in the aftermath of that shocking conclusion, it was easy to draw the assumption that this twist was only briefly foreshadowed throughout the three seasons before … but this river runs deeper than that. From the very start, you can argue that Tom was always going to be the one to seize more power by any means possible, largely because he’s someone who’s truly experienced the other side.

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Think about Kendall, Roman, or Shiv for a moment. All three of them may want more of a position for themselves, but at the same time, all three of them are also people who have always had a safety net worth billions. They have the freedom to make all the mistakes they want. Even Cousin Greg has a certain part of that, even if he’s so afraid of losing his inheritance now that he’s ready to do battle with Greenpeace.

For Tom, however, we see him in the early going as a man disrespected. He’s Shiv’s husband, but he’s also just another suit to Logan. He has to do something that the Roy family does not: Earn his loyalty. He’s willing to be there in the bathroom with Logan Cox’s character, take his lumps with his wife, or even put up with having Greg, a completely unqualified guy, work with some relative amount of influence. He hates it all and yet, he takes it.

Tom never loses what matters; that’s what makes the story of Nero & Sporus in season 3 episode 4 so important. That is him recognizing what he eventually has to do, and the way that Shiv treats him further allows him to see the path forward and become “married” to the idea of working with Greg. This is the clearest hint of what’s tom come throughout Tom’s journey, but the hints are there throughout, whether it be the status of his marriage to Shiv at the end of season 2 to the iconic “Safe Room” in general.

There are SO many characters worth watching on this epic HBO show, but as we close out the year, didn’t Tom have one of the best years of anyone? It’s hard to see this any other way.

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