Hawkeye season 1 finale: Is Kingpin really dead?

The Hawkeye season 1 finale has arrived on Disney+ — with that, it’s time to have a serious conversation about Kingpin.

For most of the past couple of weeks, there has been speculation aplenty regarding the future of Vincent D’Onofrio’s character within this show, let alone the larger MCU. He has some significant ties to Echo that stem from the comic books, and in including him here, we finally have someone from the Marvel – Netflix shows turning up elsewhere in the greater universe.

With that being said, did Hawkeye already kill him? Fisk was shot by Maya despite his pleas to spare him — we never saw him die, but you can still take from the moment whatever you choose to.

What are we taking from it personally? Maya wounded him, but we can’t imagine in a million years her actually killing him in that moment. Fans of Daredevil have waited for years on end in order to see Fisk back within the greater Marvel world, so to kill him after such a small role in the greater story would be an epic letdown. Also, there are so many other ways we can foresee this character having a role moving forward. He’s got a history with Daredevil, obviously, but we think there’s a lot that could also be done with him and Spider-Man. Sure, we understand that Tom Holland’s character has some strange MCU connections at times due to the Sony collaboration, but we think Sony at this point has to recognize how much money there is to be made keeping him as connected to the MCU as possible.

So for now, we’re moving forward with the assumption that Kingpin is still out there. Anything else could cause something akin to a significant eyeroll on our part.

What did you think about the events of the Hawkeye season 1 finale?

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