‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: The path leading to Klaus’ spin-off

KlausIf you are a diehard fan of “The Vampire Diaries,” the you probably know already that there is a spin-off series on the way featuring none other than Joseph Morgan’s character of Klaus. However, there are still some questions that remain to go along with this news … in particular just what in the world would possess a man like Klaus in the first place to actually want to leave Mystic Falls after all the time and the trouble he has put in there. (This new show is set in New Orleans.)

Could it ultimately be that he realizes that there is nothing left for him in the town? This is what we are currently suspecting. According to Zap2It, the tension that has existed for much of the season between both Klaus and Tyler is going to only accelerate in the weeks ahead, and this is hardly a surprise. After all, we’re looking at a man here who murdered Tyler’s mother, and also a number of hybrids that he was trying to save.

With Elena still a vampire, and with his hope to continuing making hybrids dashed until he finds a way to turn her back into a human, we can only really think of one other reason why he would want to stay in Mystic Falls for a while longer: Caroline. Unfortunately for him, there really can’t be any remote possibility that she is going to want to be with him now after all he’s done. (Sorry, shippers.) Instead, he may just be better off cutting his losses and moving on.

Want to take a look at the new “Vampire Diaries” season 4 episode set to air Thursday? Be sure to head on over to the link here, and we of course also want to hear your thoughts below on why Klaus is going to end up leaving for the spin-off.

Photo: The CW

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