‘The Bachelor’ review: Sean Lowe puts Desire Hartsock through Candid Camera

DesireeSometimes, love can be a cruel thing … and only on “The Bachelor” can you see a guy get away with something that would probably get him kicked in the crotch on a real first date. We’ll get to what we are talking about in a minute, as we are going to try and continue to write this in the same vein as we did with our premiere: by talking through the lens of the ladies who received roses during the episode. (Of course, there were a few controversial choices along the way.)

Received roses on dates

Sarah – She  was the first date recipient of the season, this date really did not mean that much to us as a piece of entertainment. We’ve all seen the classic “scary date” before where the Bachelor and his woman do some sort of terrifying experience together; and while they handled it well, we don’t really feel the chemistry there as much as between Sean and some other women.

Kacie – Well, this returning player is faring far better than Shawntel last season! While we are still not completely sold on Sean looking past the whole “friend zone” issue at the moment, he is at least giving her a chance regardless of what the other women think (or of the bizarre attempt by the editors to make her into some sort of a villain).

Desiree – Our current frontrunner kept her status going after first putting up with a pretty embarrassing prank that he pulled on her. It was at least nice to have a creative date, but that was the only great thing we could say about the poor girl getting scared to death over a piece of “art” she supposedly broke. As for the rest of the date, the chemistry could not be hotter: there was kissing, shirtless Sean, and a really fancy dinner that he supposedly made.

Advanced at the rose ceremony

Tierra – She’s becoming the villain of the season, largely just because she acts very nice around Sean, only to flip a switch when he’s not around.

Amanda – For more information on this subject, see above.

Robyn – We like that Robyn had a conversation with Sean this week about race, mostly because there may have been a nagging insecurity in her mind that the producers put her on this season after being criticized for a general lack of diversity.

Catherine – We haven’t seen a ton of romance here, but there is a great sense of humor here that is shining through every moment these two are together.

Lesley – She was bold enough to kiss Sean during the Harlequin shoot at the group date, but not enough when there was not a photographer prompting her to do it.

AshLee – We barely saw her this week, despite making a splash in the premiere.

Lindsay – Talk about a late bloomer! She made a big comeback following the great wedding dress fiasco, and showed off plenty of heart along with a good sense of humor.

Jackie – She received no date card, and little air time.

Selma – She manages to get a lot of air time, but what’s interesting is that very little of it is actually substantial save for teaching him words in Arabic.

Kristy – She’s a model, so go figure that she won the Harlequin shoot!

Leslie H. – Otherwise known as the Leslie who did not receive screen time this week.

Taryn – She had a few moments at the group date, and that was it.

Daniella – Her major claim to fame right now? Bashing Tierra during confessionals.

Left on her own

Katie – She didn’t feel like she belonged; and thus, she left. There’s at least one of these ladies every season, and it makes us wonder  why they decided to go on. If nothing else, she was at least completely honest about it as she left.

Sent home

Brooke – We missed the retro hair this week, and she was sent without much of a mention this week.

Diana – The single mom got a familiar rejection: Sean didn’t want to put her through this experience if he knew that she was not the one for him.

Do you think Sean sent home the right women, and how do you think Desiree really handled the hidden-camera stunt? If you want to see our full list of “Bachelor” contestant rankings, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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