‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 13 review: Barney, Robin, and a scary dad

How I Met Your Mother“How I Met Your Mother” has seen its fair share of emotional storylines over the years related to family, whether it be the death of Marshall’s father, Barney meeting his own dad for the same time, or even Lily’s dad and Marshall’s mom hooking up during one of the episodes right before the Christmas break.

On Monday night’s new episode “Band, Or DJ,” one of the biggest challenges for Barney and Robin following the engagement news was rather simple: trying to find a way to break the news to Robin’s dad (Ray Wise) that they were engaged and getting married soon. It’s no secret that this Canadian papa is absolutely terrifying, and that he almost right away intimidated Barney to the point where he tried to get him to shoot a bunny.

Despite a blow-up argument with her dad after the realization came in that he married someone without her knowledge, the two were able to work something out. Not only that, but he actually (gasp!) apologized to her, and managed to find some common ground with Barney.

As for the other storyline, it started out as rather mundane in that we were seeing Ted trying to meddle as much as humanly possible when it comes to Robin’s wedding; but then, we understood that it was really just because he could not get over Robin finally being taken off the market for good. This story culminated in a pretty fantastic scene between Ted and Lily on the rooftop, where Lily also admitted that there are times when she wishes that she was not a mother, and that she missed getting to be an artist.

In the end, we have a feeling that the moment most everyone will be talking about for a while is simple: the conversation at the end between Ted and his ex (Rachel Bilson), who told him that ex-roommate was not only in a band, but she was open on his wedding day. Thanks to that, Ted gets the opportunity to meet the Mother … even if the two do not really talk until after the ceremony at the train station.

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