‘Veep’ season 2 teaser: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back!

VeepWhile “Veep” was paired last season with “Girls,” the Julia Louis-Dreyfus show has not been bumped up to January of this year; and with that in mind, all we have seen of the show’s second season just far is the official teaser below.

The clip barely shows off anything about just what we can expect, though Selina Meyer looks to be very much the same woman that she was when the show last left off: a power-hungry woman that sends more of her time stressing and being coddled by her staff than she does actually serving as Vice-President. If this was a real Vice-President, we would certainly mind; however, we just find this to be entertaining in this case since we are looking at one of the most hilarious support staffs out there.

It would certainly be appropriate if “Veep” spends much of its time talking about a re-election campaign this year, largely because we just went through one in America. However, we really have yet to receive any indication at all as to what the storyline is going to be about. There are some new faces turning up, including someone set to get Jonah trouble within the office of the President, but there is still no indication that we are actually going to meet the Commander-in-Chief (which is something that has almost become a hallmark of this show at this point).

Ultimately, let’s just hope that season 2 of “Veep” turns out to be just as strong as the first. This was a show that built momentum as the episodes progresses, and by the end of the year Selina had managed to get herself in some of the messiest situations of the year.

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Photo: HBO

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