2013 Golden Globes red carpet: Katharine McPhee and ‘Smash’ season 2 talk

Golden GlobesWe already have provided a live stream for those of you wanting an up-close-and-personal look at the 2013 Golden Globes red carpet; and now, we’re here with some of the assorted highlights. We should start off here by saying that in no universe (including some of the ones featured on “Fringe”) are we fashion experts, so what we are going to focus on a little bit more on just what some of the actors are saying and doing.

“Smash” season 2 – We’ll kick things off with some words from Debra Messing, who is certainly more than excited about what is coming up: “It’s so exciting. We have new cast members … Jennifer Hudson who is extraordinary. The storylines are fabulous.” Meanwhile, we have a feeling that everyone is going to be talking about Katharine McPhee and how little she was wearing for some time. Considering how unbearably cold it was in Los Angeles at the time of the red carpet, we don’t think that anyone else in attendance at the show was anywhere near as daring.

Zooey Deschanel snubs the “Mani Cab” – We always watch the E! pre-shows, and Zooey managing to avoid some of the incredibly terrible ideas the network has to trivialize fashion and glamour made us laugh.

Bryan Cranston’s entire conversation – Just hearing Cranston tell Giuliana Rancic about a fan who sent him a letter about a dream that he had, one that featured him watching this woman try to do the deed with Aaron Paul. Awkward? The only thing more awkward was that this was the evil Bryan Cranston with the beard, and not the nice one with hair.

Lena Dunham – Her conversation with Ryan Seacrest was also rather dirty, especially as she talked about the season premiere of her show (which also airs Sunday) having sex and sharp objects.

Olivia Munn – She explained a little bit about how a newsroom feels normal to her considering her major in school.

If you haven’t seen it already, also be sure to read some more about our actual predictions for the show.

Photo: NBC

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