‘Justified’ season 4 spoilers: Will Wynn Duffy and Limehouse return?

JustifiedWynn Duffy (played by Jere Burns) has quickly become a fan favorite of the FX series “Justified” – he is dark, funny and above all else a loose cannon that continuously leaves fans wondering what he has up his sleeve next.  So is Duffy going to be a part of season 4 or is he done for the time being after having such a large role in the past few seasons?

A new report from TVLine reveals that Duffy will indeed return to “Justified”, but when it comes to just how large of a role he will play in season 4 that is still yet to be determined.  Fans will get their first glimpse of Duffy in episode 2 (airing Tuesday, January 15th) where he will be trying to straighten out one of his lackeys, but will also find himself coming face to face with Raylan (who will of course be holding a gun).

Another character that viewers want to know about is the ruler of Noble Holler – Limehouse (portrayed by actor Mykelti Williamson).  Will he be back and what will his role be in season 4 if he is returning?  As it turns out Williamson will be returning to “Justified” this season and that the masterminds behind the show have found a way to weave him throughout this season’s narrative.

JustifiedSeason 4 of “Justified” will not be having a big bad as they have the past three seasons, but will be putting much of their focus on a mysterious bag containing a driver’s license belonging to someone named Waldo that was found stuffed into the wall of Arlo’s house. So who is this Waldo person? While we don’t have the answer to that just yet, what we do know is that Tuesday’s new episode is called “Where’s Waldo?”, so it’s safe to assume that the hunt for Waldo is on.

Be sure to check out some of the new photos from the “Where’s Waldo?” episode and if you are looking for more “Justified” season 4 news you can check out a promo of what’s coming up this season here.

Photo: FX (Source: Spoiler TV)

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