‘Elementary’ episode 12 review: ‘M’ leaves his mark, Watson is conflicted

ElementaryOn the last episode of “Elementary” Holmes and Watson’s time together is coming to an end and Holmes is upset she is leaving.

When a new killer comes to New York, Holmes is quick to deduce that this is the work of a man he was tracking in London named “M”.  Holmes admits that he fell into his drug addiction while tracking “M” and had to eventually leave the man hunt, but now that “M” has followed him to New York, Holmes feels that he has a second chance to make things right. Even though “M” is killing random people, it seems that his main target is Holmes as he left him a note inside his house, taunting him.

After discovering “M” had been in his home, Sherlock checks his surveillance tapes and finally gets his first look at “M”.  Watson not only discovers the cameras in the house, but she also learns that Holmes hired some kids to find a way to talk to “M” and help confirm his whereabouts. Watson asks why Holmes didn’t go to the NYPD and Holmes reveals that “M” was responsible for Irene’s death and that his intention isn’t to capture him, but to torture and murder him. He admits that before Irene’s death he used drugs once in a while, but after “M” killed her he spiraled out of control.  Watson is furious and tries to convince Holmes that what he is planning to do is wrong, but Holmes isn’t listening, so after Sherlock leaves to go after “M” Watson calls Gregson to tell him what Holmes has planned.

Holmes discovers where “M’s” next kill is going to be (a woman) and they come face to face for the first time and Holmes knocks “M” out.  When “M” wakes up he is chained to scaffolding in a warehouse property that Holmes recently bought. Holmes asks “M” about killing Irene and he tells Sherlock that it wasn’t him that killed Irene, that in fact he was locked up when that happen. While talking “M” tells Holmes that he didn’t know Sherlock lived in New York when he came here and that he didn’t know that was his brownstone he left a note in.  “M” realizes that he was set up by his employer, who contracts him to kill people and he tells Holmes that he is not “M”, but that his employer is the real “M”( Moriarty). After stabbing the fake “M” in the stomach he drags him into the station to be arrested.

While being questioned, the fake “M” lies about what happened with his abduction by Sherlock and says that he was the one that abducted Holmes.  He also explains that Holmes only stabbed him in self defense, but Watson knows that isn’t the truth.  She confronts Holmes about what happened and he tells her everything he’s learned, saying that the fake “M” feels that Holmes it the only person that can catch Moriarty.  He apologizes to Watson for lying and tells her that he is going to miss working with her.  She calls Holmes’ father and tells his secretary that she is worried about Sherlock and wants to stay on a bit longer as his sober companion, but she is told that he will not be extending her services. She lies to Holmes and tells him that his father agreed to allow her to stay on a while longer.

Although we didn’t actually meet the real Moriarty, “Elementary” has finally set up the big bad that Holmes will be facing off against giving fans something bigger to look forward to out of the series. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the introduction of Moriarty.

Photo: CBS

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