‘Two and a Half Men’ season 10 spoilers: Angus T. Jones returns to set

Two and a Half MenFor the past several weeks, we have really watched “Two and a Half Men” with one question in the back of our minds: are we actually going to see Angus T. Jones back on the show? The former child star made some very controversial comments last year about the show being “filth” while also discussing his own strong Christian beliefs, and at the time CBS made it very clear that they were upset an actor making over $300,000 an episode would have such nasty things to say about the program they were a part of.

Nonetheless, Deadline is reporting now that Jones is going to be returning to the hit sitcom this coming week, and he is going to be joined by an actress with plenty of sitcom experience behind her: Jaime Pressly. The former star of “My Name is Here,” who tried a more traditional multi-camera show last year in “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” to disastrous results, is going to be coming on board the show to play a “cougar” who Jake ends up with who hails from South Dakota. Basically, we anticipate this character being a cross of Joy from the aforementioned NBC show and Jake’s recent ex Missi (played by Miley Cyrus).

Moving forward on “Two and a Half Men,” the biggest question really to us is just whether or not the presence of Jones could actually throw off what has been some pretty solid momentum for the show as of late. Strange as it may be to say, but the arc involving Kate (which did not include him at all) was one of the better things the show has done. Plus, he could now have a hard time assimilating if there are problems still simmering between Jones and production over his remarks.

Are you glad to see Jones back on “Two and a Half Men,” or do you really care anymore? If you want to read our most-recent episode review, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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