‘The Bachelor’ rankings: Where do Catherine Giudici, Desiree Hartsock stand?

CatherineWe’re back with our second “Bachelor” rankings of the season, and luckily we have a little bit more to go on this time around. We have seen Sean Lowe with all of his women, and some stand out more than others whether it be their personality, their chemistry with him, or just the amount of screen time they have received.

Remember, we’re not out to share spoilers here or to rank based solely on who we like: all of these women received roses pretty early from Sean this past week, and they all have something that makes them look like a candidate in the long run.

5. Catherine Giudici (last week: #3) – We didn’t see a whole lot from Catherine this past week, but she did get a rose from Sean before the Rose Ceremony. Not only that, but we personally find her hilarious and one of the most likable people to every be on the show. For more evidence of this, just listen to the line below from Catherine’s audition video all about Sean: “he is the ultimate All-American beefcake … and I’m hungry.”

AshLee4. AshLee Frazier (unranked) – Sadly, AshLee did not have the same sort of funny video online worth sharing, but there is one thing you still cannot deny here: just how much she and Sean have in common at the moment. They are both very religious people who care about family, even though AshLee has been through a much greater struggle in life when it comes to finding the right home for her at an early age.

3. Sarah Herron (unranked) – What makes Sean a very appealing Bachelor at this point is that he is not necessarily attracted to people who are the prototypical woman. Just look at this list: Sarah is one of three people that probably would not have been cast on another season, mostly because some of the other bachelors seem to be more concerned with putting their prospective partners in a box. We don’t even want to make deal out of Sarah having only one arm, mostly because Sean doesn’t seem to care and they have a great deal of chemistry.

2. Robyn Howard (5) – We love what we’ve seen of Robyn so far: she’s goofy (hence her wiping out upon meeting Sean), she’s funny, and she shows in an upcoming episode that she knows how to talk about race in an intelligent, adult manner. We definitely don’t see her going home anytime soon.

Desiree1. Desiree Hartsock (1) – From the get-go, Desiree felt like a favorite given that she seems to have the look and the personality of someone who could win this show. The fact that she was one of the first people (except for Tierra) to get a rose really just helps to receive a rose just is icing on that (possible wedding) cake.

Based on what you have seen on the show thus far, who is your pick to end up with Sean at the end of the day? We want to hear your thoughts below, and you can see what some former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” stars are saying about Sean’s premiere here.

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