Succession season 3 finale: Tom makes his biggest play yet

Succession season 3We knew that there were going to be some big moments coming during the Succession season 3 finale, and some were out of the blue.

Take, for example, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman learning the news about GoJo potentially buying up Waystar while Kendall was in the midst of a total breakdown, where he spoke about the pain of being alone and drowning in the guilt of what he did at the end of season 1. (Beautiful stuff from Jeremy Strong, who reminded everyone how great he is in this episode after having a particularly strange week.)

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Early on in the episode, we first had a chance to hear that Logan was contemplating an offer from Alexander Skarsgard’s character in order to purchase Waystar Royco once and for all. It didn’t seem in the moment that Logan was taking the offer seriously … but then he sent Roman away. At that point, we had to start taking this a little bit more seriously. We wonder if Roman spent at least a part of this episode kicking himself for that.

The moment that Shiv, Kendall, and Roman heard about Logan’s plan, they sprung into action and realized that they needed each other. They had the ability to use a holding company through their dad’s divorce to try to stop this, and then work to get Logan out once and for all. From there, they could divide up some of the assets. They learned that Logan wanted out and from that moment, they leapt into action. It was strange to see the siblings all work together and yet, it was immensely satisfying. Even Roman, who usually cowers in front of his father, stood up for himself! Even in this one, brilliant episode, we saw Roman go on a journey to understanding his own power, even if it was difficult.

Here’s where it all falls apart

Logan and Caroline reviewed the divorce agreement and as it turns out, he managed to get her to his side. How was he warned? Tom, who betrayed his own wife and her in-laws to make this happen. He is the Judas of this situation for Kendall, Shiv, and Roman, and this moves sets the stage for a HUGE season 4. This has to be one of the best episodes of 2021 — HAS to be.

Where does this leave us now? The children have virtually no power, Tom and Greg seemingly have more, and is Logan now on the outside looking in? Maybe, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

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