Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 4: Who is pulling the strings?

Power book 2 GhostIn just over 24 hours you’re going to see Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 4 arrive on Starz, and of course with that comes all sorts of questions as to where the story will go from here.

On paper, the thing that is the most apparent right now is trying to ensure Zeke Cross doesn’t get arrested for Jabari’s murder. We know that he’s a suspect, especially since he’s being so cagey with police and he and Professor Reynolds share a common love interest in Carrie. It’s also clear how much Monet is trying to protect him, and this may be leading to the PD being all the more antsy to figure out what he’s really up to behind the scenes here!

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If there’s one person who is ready to shut down the whole investigation into Zeke right now, it’s Simon Stern. The previews for what lies ahead here show that Victor Garber’s character is more or less informing the police to move away from it. We know that Stern is invested in Zeke’s future, just as he’s also invested in Tariq to some degree. He’s a very careful man who does things often for mysterious reasons. Personally, we think that he wants people who have high value to him to find success — that way, they credit him to a certain extent and he has more control. He’s arguably the most influential people in this world when you think about what he can dangle over people.

If the police don’t listen to Stern in episode 4, it could be setting the stage for a much larger battle, one where Tariq is just a small component in the overall plan.

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