’30 Rock’ season 7, episode 9 review: Octavia Spencer, Chloe Grace Moretz star

30 RockWe’ve waited for quite a long time for this new episode of “30 Rock” to be on the air, and as we near Liz Lemon’s grand finale, we’re glad to say that there is some measure of finality being met with some of these characters.

For example, we now know just hwat may end up happening to Jack Donaghy very soon: he could be running NBC with no interference from Cabletown at all. As a matter of fact, he could be controlling everything as the new CEO for the company. Chloe Grace Moretz returned this week to play the part of Kaylie Hooper, who was determined to get the company all for herself into Jack managed to get an elaborate plan into motion to secure his own future as the king of the castle.

While Jack was able to make him move (with an always-welcome cameo from Will Arnett thrown in to boot), we also had another major move as Liz decided that rather than wait for a newborn child to adopt years down the line, she was going to try and raise an older child. This way, she could become a mother right away, and while it was not what she was originally envisioning, plans do have a tendency to change over time. There are plenty of reasons to be understandably nervous about such a thing, but she also has plenty of reasons to still be excited.

The only other storyline of consequence this week was really the best, since it allowed Octavia Spencer to completely send up everything we know about her to pretty much be the female Tracy Jordan: an impossible-to-work-with actor with an entourage that leaves work early and refuses to do anything.

While “30 Rock’s” comedy has seemingly grown a little bit more tame over time, there’s no doubt that this is still a very funny show. This week, the best slams were geared mostly towards network scheduling, NBC’s publicity department (a jab maybe at the lack of “30 Rock” promotion), and the idea that Jenna lives vicariously through anyone who is a popular teenage girl.

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