The Voice 21: Are Girl Named Tom, Wendy Moten the favorites?

Girl Named TomTechnically, we know that there are still two rounds of performances left on The Voice 21but do we know already the top two? At the moment it feels obvious, though this may be where we start to get ourselves into some trouble.

The first thing we should note here is something that we never thought we’d be noting with this show: A trio may actually be the favorite to win the whole thing. Non-solo acts traditionally have a much harder time succeeding on this show, and we’ve long theorized that it has to do with more people for viewers to get to know. Also, there are so many things that can go wrong in group performances, but Girl Named Tom have figured out a way to make it work. Their take on “Viva La Vida” on this past episode seems to have skyrocketed them even further as the favorites to win the show, and they may just have to maintain it for Team Kelly over the next couple of episodes.

If we’re to look beyond them, there’s a good case to be made for Wendy Moten. She’s got Blake Shelton as a coach, and we already know that Blake’s fans tend to come out and vote more than any other coach. Also, she got a lot of rave reviews early on this season and we think, on some level, people feel for her more than ever after that fall on stage a little over a week ago. She won’t win because of that, but it is an expression of vulnerability and perseverance.

Should we also include Lana Scott as a possible victor here? We suppose that we can’t ignore her outright, mostly because she’s also on Blake’s team and because she’s a country vocalist. We think we’ve seen enough of The Voice over the years to know that country performers tend to do a good job at staying around until the finale.

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Are Girl Named Tom and Wendy Moten the most likely favorites to win The Voice 21 to you?

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