‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: New photos of Pelant’s return

Bones season 8Fans of the series “Bones” couldn’t be more excited (and terrified) of Christopher Pelant’s return this season.  His hatred towards the FBI and the team at the Jeffersonian Lab is at an all time high at this point and with his return he will be targeting those who interfered with his plans in the past.

Pelant will be putting most of his focus on Hodgins and Angela as he will break into their house, drug them and when they awake in their bed they will find human remains strung up in the canopy over top of them.  Pelant will also leave a circle of flower petals around their son’s crib, making them not only scared, but also extremely angry that he was anywhere near their child. Booth will try to convince Hodgins and Angela to go through the proper channels to help bring Pelant in, but they are so protective over their family that they decide to disobey orders and find a way to take things into their own hands.

Bones season 8What Hodgins and Angela don’t know is that Pelant will be part of a bigger organization this time around, and will have access to all kinds of nastiness including military equipment. Some of the new photos from this episode show just how terrifying and gruesome Pelant’s killings will be this time around. We can only expect bad things to happen with Pelant back on the scene, he will definitely be keeping Brennan, Booth and the team on their toes.

“Bones” season 8 will be back on Fox on Monday, January 14 starting at 8 p.m. for a special double episode, so be sure to tune in for two hours of mystery. Want to know more about Pelant’s return? Then feel free to check out our preview here.

Bones season 8Photo: Fox (Source: Spoiler TV)

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