Survivor 41 episode 12 promo: The search for a new idol

Danny McCraySurvivor 41 episode 12 will be coming onto CBS next week, and based on the promo, Danny and Deshawn are feeling desperate.

Are the two on the bottom? It certainly seems that way. Xander decided that it was too early to try and take out Ricard and because of that, Liana was voted out instead. We still wonder about his reasoning here, given that Ricard could easily win a challenge or find an idol for himself. Ricard made his move against Shan because it felt like his best and only chance; Xander probably should’ve considered the same reasoning here.

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Obviously, we’ll see how the rest of the season plays out, but for now, Danny and Deshawn aren’t operating with the assumption that Xander could change his mind and gun for Ricard soon. Instead, they are doing what they can to save their own hides now, and that includes looking for an idol. If they can find one and the other person can win immunity, that buys them another week of safety and a chance to shake up the game.

If there is a crack in the current alliance, it could very well be Erika! She seems to be contemplating something big in the promo, and we know that she has Heather on her side, as well. If these two join Danny and Deshawn, they’re suddenly the new majority. If Xander then plays his idol, Ricard (who seems to realize something could be up) will end up being the target by default.

Is there a chance that the final six is super-predictable with either Danny or Deshawn going? Sure, but what we’re trying to point out here is that there’s at least a chance for some serious chaos to unfold depending on what everyone wants for their own endgame.

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