‘Justified’ season 4 spoilers: How will Boyd and Raylan’s ‘friendship’ change

JustifiedOver the past 3 seasons of “Justified” we have watched Boyd and Raylan form a rather strange friendship. They are clearly on the opposite ends of the law, but they somehow meet up in that middle grey area where Boyd struggles to do what’s right and Raylan tries to stop breaking the law while trying to uphold it.  Do these two actually have a friendship or do they honestly not like each other?

During the TCA panel, Walton Goggins (Boyd) made it clear that by the end of season 4 these two will officially become enemies and there will be no more confusion about it.  He said: “There’s one line, that Boyd has never said in the previous three seasons, that he says this season. It’s really interesting to me and an indication to where they’ve come in the relationship.  He looks at Raylan at one point and says, ‘Raylan, I don’t like you.’ It’s the first time he’s ever really said it that way. Over the course of their relationship, Boyd has seen their friendship one way and Raylan has seen it as something else, and by the end of this season they may see it the same way: That is that they don’t like each other.”

During the past 3 seasons there has been a big bad present through out, but so far in season 4 there doesn’t seem to be one – will there be or will they be focusing on something else?  Creator Graham Yost says that if fans are hoping for a new big bad, they will be disappointed and that all roads lead to the mystery bag.  He said: “We thought that would be a fun thing to try this year instead of just another Big Bad.  We start parsing out bits of mystery in the first four episodes, and by the fifth episode everything is pretty much focused on that… The mystery actually gets solved in the ninth episode, but then there are problems that come [from solving it] and that plays out for the rest of the season.”

As for Winona, she won’t be around much this season since she’s made it fairly clear that she wants nothing to do with Raylan as long as he continues to be reckless with his job.

A new episode of “Justified” will be airing next Tuesday, January 15th at 10 p.m. on FX so be sure to tune in and find out more about what this mystery bag is all about.

Photo: FX

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