‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ episode 11 review: It’s all about the babies

American Horror StoryOn this week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum” we finally got to learn a little more about the modern day bloody face, and seems he has the exact same mommy issues that his father Dr. Thredson had and takes his anger out on prostitutes.

Back in the 1960’s Kit and Grace reunite and she tells Kit everything she remembers about being abducted. When he asks about Alma, Grace tells him that she was killed. Kit asks Grace to marry him, but the Monsignor informs them their baby is being taken from them and placed into a home for “lost children”.  As his son is being taken out of the asylum, Dr. Thredson tells Kit that maybe he can help, saying that if Kit gives him the tape recording of his confession that he will make sure that Kit is also off the hook so that he can be with his son again, claiming that he will frame Dr. Arden.

Mother Claudia approaches Lana and tells her that she’s going to help get her out of Briarcliff as a favor to Sister Jude to make things right.  She gives Lana her patient file that outlines every nasty thing done to her saying that it will help give her the proof needed for her expose on the asylum to help her shut it down. Before leaving she takes the tape that will exonerate Kit and tells Sister Jude that she will be coming back for her. With Mother Claudia and Kit’s distraction, Lana walks out the front door, past Dr. Thredson and out of Briarcliff.  Dr. Thredson comes out after her, but she is already in the cab.

Dr. Thredson goes back to his apartment and Lana is waiting for him with a gun.  She tells him that the police have the tape and are on their way to get him. Lana asks what happened to Wendy’s body so she can give her a proper burial and Dr. Thredson reveals that he burned her body to dispose of the evidence. Lana shoots Dr. Thredson, claiming “self defense” and later goes to terminate the pregnancy, but when she gets to the appointment she realizes that she can’t do it.

With Dr. Thredson exposed as Bloody Face, Kit is handed his release papers from Briarcliff, but before leaving he asks  to talk to the Monsignor. Kit tells him that he wants Grace released with him and their baby back or he’s going to start talking to the reporters. He reminds the Monsignor that Grace’s death certificate was signed and that all he has to do is release Grace’s “body” to him so that they can leave and that no one will know that she is actually alive. He decides to release them and Kit takes Grace and their son back to his house, but when they get there they discover Alma and Kit’s baby waiting there for him.

After the truth about Briarcliff is exposed by Lana in the papers, the Monsignor finds himself at the center of the scandal for hiring Bloody Face. Sister Jude tells the Monsignor that she knows that he gave up his virtue to the devil and confronts him about going on pretending like nothing happened. She reveals that she remembers everything and he tries to silence her by putting her in solitary confinement.

Five months after Lana’s story was published, patients from the asylum start disappearing and she asks the police to help her get back into Briarcliff with a warrant to get Sister Jude’s statement about what went on there. They give her the warrant and they demand that the Monsignor bring them Sister Jude, but he informs them that she killed herself just 2 weeks prior producing all kinds of convincing paper work. Of course – he is lying and she is locked away in a cell by herself.

What did you think of this week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum”?

Photo: FX

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