Succession season 3 episode 7: Kendall Roy’s unhappy birthday

Succession season 3Tonight on Succession season 3 episode 7, we had a story that was chock full of all sorts of insanity. Kendall’s birthday party was the focus for most of it, and while there, we got reminders that this guy is by far one of the worst.

For Shiv and Roman, they arrived at the party with one focus: Having a conversation with Alexander Skarsgard’s Lukas Matsson, a tech guru who wanted nothing to do with Logan altogether. Finding him was not easy, mostly because Kendall hid him from the two for the best of his ability.

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Yet, Roman did eventually find him and tried to manipulate him to the best of his ability. they shared a moment, and then Lukas peed on the app. Then, he got the guy to agree to sit down for a meeting with Logan in what is the second major win for Roman in two weeks. Isn’t that pretty impressive? We tend to think so.

Elsewhere in this episode, we saw Kendall have an emotional breakdown when he couldn’t find the gift from his kids at the party. Then, Roman rubbed his victories in the faces of both of his siblings, which led to Roman challenging Kendall to a fight and then pushing him to the ground. The entire birthday charade for Kendall was embarrassing — he got nowhere, other than being taunted by his own family.

In the end, we consider all of this a reminder of one of the HBO show’s greatest talents: Its ability to make us feel for this family, even if so many of them are often terrible most of the time. There’s somehow still some emotional resonance here.

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