Succession season 3 episode 7: Is disaster ahead for Kendall Roy?

Succession season 3With Succession season 3 episode 7 set to arrive on HBO this weekend, you better be prepared for some big surprises. There are only three episodes left this season! The story has really blown by, and we’re getting set now for what could be a turning point in the entire Kendall Roy narrative.

Of course, it makes sense that it would happen at his birthday party. Very few things in this world ever seem to make sense.

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While there’s no guarantee that Kendall’s attempts to take out his father will implode over the course of this hour, there are reasons to believe it could happen. For one, the entire construct of the birthday party really accents one of Kendall’s biggest flaws: His own narcissism. He’s the sort of person who’d want everyone to spend a full night kissing his ring and tell him how amazing he is. Logan loves power for power’s sake, while Kendall seems to love it for the validation. That leaves him vulnerable; someone could show up at this party and schmooze him while the rug is pulled out from under him.

Entering this episode, we know that Shiv and Roman plan to use the party to get access to Alexander Skarsgard’s character, a tech guru who previously spurned Logan. They may show up as the semi-supportive siblings only to get something else in return.

How much is Kendall going to find himself exploited at this party? Will he even notice? These are the things you should be scratching your chin over as we prepare for this episode. Whatever happens here will carry over into the final ones of the season; just don’t be shocked if the road ahead for Kendall becomes even more precarious than it currently is.

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What do you think is ahead for Kendall moving into Succession season 3 episode 7?

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