‘The Lying Game’ season 2 spoilers: Will Emma and Sutton come clean about being twins?

The Lying GameWith the season 2 premiere of “They Lying Game” airing last night, fans are starting to wonder where they plan to go with the ‘twin” story.  We watched Emma and Sutton switch places and hide the fact that they are twins as Sutton went off to search for their birth mother.  Now that Rebecca has revealed herself to Sutton as her birth mother as well as her intentions to get her twins back together and living with her as a family is there any real reason to hide that they are twins anymore? Obviously some people will be hurt that Emma and Sutton have been hiding the fact that they are twins, but at this point practically everyone knows there’s two of them, so why not just come clean?

Executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr revealed to TVLine that there will come a time when both Emma and Sutton will be living out in the open as twins and that the lying will stop (at least when it comes to the twin aspect).  He said:

“I don’t want to say exactly, but from the very beginning we’ve called it The Twin Show, and that’s the logical next thing to happen. You’ll see in this season we’ve kind of already accomplished that. [Emma and Sutton] are in more scenes together than they’ve ever been; one’s living in secret and they switch back and forth a couple of times. So, we really feel like we’re already doing it. When the story of the past and what happened to Derek and all of that comes out, at some point they’ll have to find out. Mads found out [last season], and other people are going to find out this season until it gets to the point of, well, who doesn’t know? We just want to make sure we’ve gotten the most we can out of The Prince and the Pauper before we move into The Parent Trap.”

On last night’s season 2 premiere we also learned that Emma and Sutton have a brother in Jordan, but does Jordan know about Emma and Sutton?  We aren’t sure about that, because when he first met Emma he was quick to flirt with her, so it’s possible that we can expect an “ick” moment if they don’t know that they are related.

If you missed last night’s episode of “The Lying Game” and you want to catch up then be sure to read our review of the episode here.

Photo: ABC Family

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