‘Elementary’ episode 12 spoilers: ‘M’ is coming, is Holmes ready for him?

ElementaryThursday’s upcoming episode of “Elementary” is one that we have been waiting for since the show started last fall as the series will finally be introducing it’s first big bad named “M” (Moriarty). As much fun as it has been to watch Holmes solve every crime that comes his way without any issues, it’s getting a little tired seeing him run circles around every criminal in town.  Is no one smart enough to outwit Holmes?  That just can’t be.

As it turns out Holmes had an arch nemesis back in London named “M” who will be appearing for the first time on Thursday’s episode.  “M” will be following Holmes to New York and will be up to his old tricks again which mainly includes giving Holmes a massive headache.  It hasn’t been clear if “M” will be around for more then one episode, but we are betting that he will be.  The series really needs a criminal that will not only outwit Holmes and give him a challenge, but that will help us learn more about how Holmes deals with stress – especially considering his past with drug abuse.

Now that Watson has turned down Holmes’ offer to apprentice with him and is moving on to a new job, we are wondering exactly how the series plans on keeping the two together (she’ll likely have to come around and take the job), but with “M” coming on the scene TV Guide reveals that Holmes’ may be taking drastic measures that could create a permanent divide between him and Watson.

A new episode of “Elementary” airs Thursday, January 10th at 10 p.m. on CBS, so be sure to tune in and see what all the fuss is about. Also check out a scene from Thursday’s episode below.

Photo: CBS

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