Selena Gomez, Simon Cowell read insults on Jimmy Kimmel’s first 11:35 show

Jimmy KimmelThere were a number of assorted highlights from the first 11:35 p.m. show featuring Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, but a personal favorite from this standpoint was seeing the return of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” which of course features various stars reading some horrible things that people are saying about them online. Most of them are completely ridiculous and make no sense at all, and while we wonder if this sort of bit is actually going to make more normal people take to Twitter and insult celebrities, there’s no questioning that some of their reactions to them are pretty funny.

Selena Gomez is really the biggest trooper of the entire group for doing this, mostly because she probably gets over 10,000 tweets far worse than the one she read a day by Justin Bieber fans who are either jealous or angry at her simply because she dated him for over a year. Meanwhile, some of the other participants include Anderson Cooper (who told of his tweeter), Christina Applegate, “Parks and Recreation” star Adam Scott, Tenacious D (who seemed to take their Twitter slam as some sort of demented compliment), and Jessica Biel.

Our personal favorite came from one user who in particular decided that they were going to go after Bryan Cranston for his weight, only for him to briefly transform into Walter White and issue a few threats towards this person. Oh, there’s nothing better like a good “Breaking Bad” reference … and if you love “Breaking Bad,” we’re sure that you will talk about this video and recommend it to all of your friends as Peter Griffin suggests.

Do you find these sort of bits funny, and do you think that Kimmel did a great job at 11:35? If you want to hear some of what the host had to say about Jay Leno recently, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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