The Blacklist season 9 episode 5 mystery: What’s in Dembe’s box?

The BlacklistSure, it did take The Blacklist season 9 a good bit of time in order to give us a substantial mystery. Yet, they’ve finally done it, and we couldn’t be happier after the fact.

So what is in Dembe’s box? This is the primary thing that tonight’s episode left us to think a little bit about. We saw in a flashback James Spader’s character hand it over to him, while also indicating that whenever he left and truly felt like he was gone from his world, he could open it. Tonight, he finally did that, but we didn’t get a chance on our end to see its contents.

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So what could this be? We suppose that it’s possible there could be something in here when it comes to Reddington’s identity, but that would be strange given that A) Dembe seemingly knows it and B) why would he get emotional over it? There could be a tie to his past that comes through with this but if that’s the case, they will really need to sell us on why we haven’t learned about it yet.

One thing does feel rather clear at this point: In between the box and then also the case involving Cooper and Doug’s death, at least The Blacklist has a couple of lingering mystery. The hope, at least for now, is that these could be paid off more when the show returns in a few weeks.

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What did you think about the events of The Blacklist season 9 episode 5?

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