‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 12 review: What happened to Olivia Munn?

New Girl“New Girl” season 2 has had its fair share of highlights throughout its run, and for the sake of weirdness Tuesday night’s episode “Cabin” has to rank pretty high on the list. We had a story about Schmidt trying to help Winston be as black as he felt like he wanted to be, and then we also had a story about a pair of couples in a cabin who got incredibly tripped-out on absinthe.

The weird thing about the cabin story is that despite all of the alcohol and debauchery involved, there also was so much comedy as there just was sheer awkwardness. After we saw Angie try to make out with Jess’ boyfriend Sam, Nick was completely freaked out; and when she started to realize just how much he really cared for her, she then decided to leave in the middle of the night. There was a nice moment between Jess and Nick that came out of this, but she is still with her boyfriend for the time being (so sorry for those of you who are still shipping them).

As for the Schmidt / Winston story, it was funny, but at the same time more could have been done with it with the exception of the very awkward scene that involved Schmidt trying to buy crack from an innocent guy on the street.

So was this the perfect episode of “New Girl”? Not by any means, but even a good episode of this show is still stronger than most others. We’re mostly just thrilled at this point that we have another reason to be hopeful about Nick and Jess, and that Winston at least got a story that gave him a chance to actually have a little fun.

What did you think about this episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can check out some more “New Girl” season 2 stories over at the link here.

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