‘The Lying Game’ season 2, episode 1 review: How far will Sutton go to get Ethan back?

The Lying GameOn tonight’s season 2 premiere of “The Lying Game” Rebecca asks Sutton to “play nice” with her sister, so that she can get information to help make sure that Kristen and Ted stay apart.

After Alec’s arrest he is denied bail and he is carted off to jail. Just before he is taken off in handcuffs Alec winks at Emma, making her think that he knows something about her birth mother.

Kristen meets with her lawyer to find out some information about divorcing Ted, but Emma has other plans and wants to get Kristen and Ted to meet up at Laurel’s concert at the country club hoping that their children will bring them back together. Emma tells Sutton about the plan and Sutton relays the information to Rebecca who plans to show up to the event and make sure the reconsideration doesn’t happen.

When Emma goes to the jail house to meet with Alec, he tells her that he knows that Emma and Sutton are two different people. She wants to know why he hasn’t told anyone and he tells her that he might tell her the reason behind his silence when he gets out.  He also tells her not to trust Sutton, that she doesn’t have Emma’s best interests at heart. Alec asks Teresa to represent him and after a lengthy discussion she is convinced that he was framed and agrees to be his lawyer.

Ethan has been skipping school and is confused about his feelings for Sutton.  She goes to see Ethan and suggests that they go for a ride on his bike together and he agrees.  While on the road a guy named Jordan passes them on a faster bike and Ethan pulls over to the side of the road. Sutton takes a nasty fall and fakes hurting her ankle to get closer to Ethan.  He takes her back to her home and she tries to convince him that fate brought them together, but he isn’t buying into it. Later when Ethan gets home Sutton is waiting for him to tell him that she was faking the injury.  She tells him that she faked the ankle because she misses him.  She tells him that she’s in love with him and that she knows he still feels something for her too.  He doesn’t deny or confirm his feelings, instead he just tells her goodnight and  goes inside.

Later when Ethan is working at the country club, Jordan pulls up on his bike and introduces himself to them both.  When he asks about Emma and Ethan’s relationship status, she tells him that they aren’t together and Jordan seems happy about it, but later he meets a very drunk Mads and she takes off with him, making out with him in a pool. Mads ends up realizing that she needs some guidance and asks Kristen if her offer to move in with them is still open and she says yes.

At the concert Rebecca tries to apologize to Kristen about the affair and lets it “slip” that she knew about their fertility problems, making it clear that their affair was more then just physical. Kristen is even more angry (if that’s possible). When Kristen runs into Ted they get into a fight about the affair, in the middle of Laurel’s set, causing her to burst into tears and run off stage.

Thayer tells Emma that he has feelings for her and that they are genuine and she tells him that the feelings are mutual. Later Jordan shows up at Rebecca’s house and reveals that he is her son.

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