Survivor 41 episode 10 preview: Who is in danger next?

Survivor 41 CastAs we look ahead towards Survivor 41 episode 10 next week, it’s clear we are at a pivotal point in the game. There are big groups trying to play together, and because of that, we think everyone needs to constantly stay self-interested in the back of their mind. You want to shake up the game before it’s too late! Otherwise, you run the risk of being blindsided or, even worse, being picked off. At least in the case of the former, you can say that your exit wasn’t that inevitable.

Before we go any further, can we just express some gratitude that Survivor is even on next week? We know that a lot of networks opt to take the day before Thanksgiving off, as they don’t want to run the risk of losing any viewers. Survivor traditionally has fared well in this spot, so they may not be anywhere near as concerned.

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After the Double elimination tonight, we’re now at an accelerated part of the game: Only eight people are left! There was no real preview tonight, alas, so we’re just left to speculate. We do think that Shan is still in the power position of the game — Naseer may have been a potential shield, but unless Deshawn flips, her alliance of four can have almost complete control if they get one more number.

From here on out, things could get truly crazy. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that this happens!

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Where do you think things will go on Survivor 41 episode 10?

Who are you rooting for? Be sure to let us know in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around — there are more updates coming and of course, we don’t want you missing them. (Photo: CBS.)

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