Power Book II: Ghost season 2 premiere spoilers: Back to ‘normal’?

Power Book II: Ghost season 2Where are things going to pick up on the Power Book II: Ghost season 2 premiere this coming weekend? Well, things could be back to normal — or, “normal.” It’s honestly hard to know quite what normal is for Tariq St. Patrick.

One thing we are sure of is that he’d like to move on from recent events. By that, we mean mostly what transpired with Tasha leaving and Tariq killing Jabari. If he had it his way, nobody would ever speak of it and he could go back to balancing his college life and his business with Monet and her children.

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Of course, nothing is EVER that simple in the world of Power. Over the course of the premiere episode entitled “Free Will Is Never Free,” we’re going to see some of the early twists of the season come home to roost. Let’s just hope that you’re prepared, since this is going to be a chaotic story and then some.

Below, you can take a look at our Power Book II: Ghost season 2 premiere synopsis with other updates as to what lies ahead:

Tariq tries to resume his normal college life; Brayden provides Tariq an escape; Monet makes plans for the business to protect her children; Cane seeks out a new family to take the streets for himself.

Can Cane redeem himself in the eyes of anyone? That’s one of the most interesting things we’re going to see this season. We’ll be the first to admit that in the wake of what happened last season, we’re honestly surprised he’s even still alive.

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