Survivor 41 episode 9 sneak peek: post-Tribal Council chaos!

Deshawn Radden, Survivor 41Tomorrow night’s Survivor 41 episode 9 has the potential to cause a lot of chaos, and how it all unfolds could be a fantastic sight to see.

So where do we begin here? A lot of it starts in the aftermath of that absolutely-bonkers Tribal Council. Even though we saw Tiffany voted out of the game, Evvie isn’t feeling all that bad. She still thinks she’s got a chance to stay! Much of it will come down to getting the right people around her. Take Erika, who has to be cognizant that there’s a big group voting together and she’s not on the inner circle of it. While getting Erika wouldn’t quite solve Evvie’s issue with numbers, getting Naseer and Heather on board would start to make things interesting.

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Then, there is Deshawn. Why would he want to flip on his primary alliance of Danny, Shan, and Liana? It may come down to perception more so than anything else. If he feels like Shan would get the credit for all the moves, he may not want to go forward in the game with her! He’s clearly a guy who wants to play to win and values being heard. With that, he and Evvie agree to exchange some information.

If Deshawn does want to blindside Shan in this episode, though, he’ll need to be craft with it. She’s got both an idol and an advantage, so he may need to make sure some other things happen — or, flush some stuff out and try to get rid of Liana instead. That’s, of course, provided that something happens. This has been a really exciting post-merge game so far, and that is a trend we want to see continue. It’s one thing to talk about making moves; now, we’re at a point where it would be nice to see some action.

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