‘The X Factor’ USA notes: Emblem3, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Britney Spears

Emblem3For Today’s “X Factor” USA notes, we are celebrating big news, dreams, and laughing at rumors. With that in mind, we are going to present our stories precisely in that order as to not confuse.

Big news – While it may not be that big of a move from Huntington Beach over to Hollywood, it is a move that Emblem3 is nonetheless making. The fourth-place finishers (who also seem to draw the most Twitter activity out of any act on the show this season) announced this week that they are making the move, and should be closer to even more opportunities to perform and record songs moving forward. We already know that Simon Cowell has already vowed to support him in just about any way that he can, and with their catalogue of original material already, they may be more ready to start recording a new album than some other contestants this season (which the exception of Tate Stevens, who is already knee-deep into writing songs).

Dreams – Apparently, Carly Rose Sonenclar fans really want to see her on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” There was a trend that popped up on Twitter yesterday in #CarlyRoseOnTheEllenShow, and given the presence of Ellen’s social-media team anywhere and everywhere, we’re pretty sure that they saw it.

So will this work? Our answer here is “eventually.” Ellen will probably wait to have someone like Carly on until she has something further to promote, such as a new album. It’s either that or she will just be so blown away by her voice that she wants to have her on for a performance sooner.

Rumors – In what has to be one of the stranger stories of the day, a source is claiming to Radar Online that rather than be a judge on this show next season, Britney Spears is instead looking for something like a sitcom, where she can have a “structured” part, even just as a recurring role. She previously guest-starred on “How I Met Your Mother,” so she has some experience.

Then again, this doesn’t matter since we don’t buy this rumor at all. Britney has been on tour and managed just fine, and “The X Factor” has plenty of structure. We do believe, though, that she will not be a part of season 3, but it is due primarily to financial concerns over paying $15 million+ to someone who barely offers up any feedback.

Want more “X Factor” USA news? Then be sure to read some more about Carly and CeCe Frey over at the link here.

Update: Previously I had written above the Emblem3 had the largest Twitter following, which was a poor choice of words in that I was referring to the frequency of trending topics related to them, and not their total number of followers (as Carly Rose Sonenclar has more). I regret any confusion.

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