Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 2: How will Dexter’s girlfriend fit in?

Dexter: New BloodAs we prepare ourselves for Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 2 this weekend, it’s clear that the picture is already a tad complicated. The title character has killed again, and he has to figure out how to continue covering that up. Meanwhile, he needs to also handle the unstable presence of his son, Harrison, within his life.

So what should he be worried about in the wake of Matt Caldwell’s death? Well, the presence of his girlfriend Angela Bishop could prove to be both a tremendous advantage of disadvantage depending on the circumstance.

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Is it a coincidence that “Jim Lindsay” is dating the local Chief of Police? Maybe, but it certainly helps him in this situation. Since he’s dating a cop, he’ll probably be the last person anyone suspects of the killings. She may also fail to see signs that she would in any other situation. We don’t know much about her as of yet, but we have a hard time thinking that she is grossly incompetent at her job. He can even sell himself as an asset to the police and allow them to use his cabin as a home base for the investigation.

Here is where things get dangerous for Dexter: Harrison. The previews for episode 2 suggest that Harrison will introduce himself as Jim’s son. This could beg the question: Why didn’t Jim ever mention this to his girlfriend? This could get her antennae up and starting to look around other corners of Jim’s life. If she realizes that he’s been lying to her about this, he could be lying about anything! It’s dangerous when someone feels betrayed by you and develops a potential vendetta; that could make it all the easier for them to want your demise. If the person wanting a revenge is a cop … well, that makes things even worse.

To quote from another acclaimed series in Breaking Bad, Dexter better tried lightly with Angela Bishop — he could find himself falling through the metaphorical ice soon.

How do you think Angela Bishop will play into Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 2?

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