‘The Glee Project’ season 3 sadly facing uncertain future

The Glee ProjectIt may sound strange, but there is a part of us that loves “The Glee Project” even more than the show it is actually based on in “Glee.” It combined most of the strongest elements of the latter show’s musical number, throws a story in there to boot, and it actually presents a depiction of the real casting process. It’s one of the strongest competition shows on TV, and it does so despite not being focused on petty drama or negativity.

Sadly, it is still unsure as to whether or not Oxygen’s show (which, for the sake of finding a devoted “Glee” audience, probably never should have been on this particular network to begin with) will be renewed for a third season. Why? It’s not because the network’s executives do not want the show, but they still are unsure as to whether or not “Glee” is going to be renewed for a fifth season. Without that, it’s impossible to have a show where the winner gets an arc on the show.

Speaking to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oxygen president Jason Klarman explained the situation in a trio of sentences:

“We’re waiting for when they get a greenlight from Fox. It’s just finishing its fourth season and many of the deals are getting renegotiated. It’s much more complicated than whether they’re picking it up or not.”

Surely Fox is aware of their sister series, and want to try and give it another opportunity if at all possible. After all, Alex Newell, Blake Jenner, Samuel Larsen, and Damian McGinty (who may be returning for more episodes early next year) have all had significant time on this show after being on “The Glee Project,” and it is a fantastic farm for quality talent that will go onto “Glee” with an instant connection to some viewers.

Tell us: do you think that “The Glee Project” should return for more? If you want to read some more “Glee” news pertaining to Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, you can do so here.

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