Succession season 3 episode 5: Could we see Adrien Brody again?

Succession season 3Coming out of this past episode of Succession season 3, it feels pretty clear that Josh is a power player now in this world. He is a billionaire investor and a key cog in the future of Waystar Royco. He’s also just someone who Kendall and Logan Roy just lost as they try to ensure they don’t lose the company.

So have we reached the end of this character’s story? Will we see Adrien Brody again? We’re obviously crossing our fingers…

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brody declines to say whether or not he will be back, but indicates that he would very much like to do more. We can easily see why he would be back on the show given the upcoming shareholder meeting, so it is something well worth thinking about.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with TVLine Brody gets into how much of his time with Kendall and Logan was planned, including the long hike that inevitably exhausted Logan and caused some of the family’s true colors to come out:

I believe that a lot was planned ahead, more so to determine how Kendall takes charge of this, and how he treats his father, honestly. And Logan would have trouble keeping up with all of that. It’s a power play, also, between Logan and Josh, saying, “I can get a cart for you, old man,” and this guy’s saying, “I’m man enough to take on any of you f—ers.” That’s another dynamic. But I think the long play is to see as he fatigues, what transpires, and what reveals itself in both men. And he gets his answers. I think that’s a pretty calculated move on Josh’s part.

The best thing about Succession is that the door is almost always left open. There are only so many billionaire investors and because of that, there are always going to be opportunities to see someone like Josh again.

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