‘Shahs of Sunset’ episode 6 review: Does anyone get along anymore?

Shahs of SunsetOn this week’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset” MJ organizes a lunch between herself, GG and Asa so that GG can apologize – which we would love to see because it’s weird having GG excluded from everything. After listening to what MJ had about her fears surrounding GG’s violent behavior GG realized that she has some issues to deal with and decides to get some therapy. When Asa decides not to show up, GG is nervous that she won’t have an opportunity to make things right.

Reza has a “family meeting” to discuss the Mexico trip and how it’s all going to play out with GG being invited (GG and Lilly are not invited to the meeting). Reza and Asa draw a line in the sand saying that if GG comes to Mexico that they will not be going.  They agree to uninvited GG, but when it comes out that Lilly is invited and MJ says she’s not okay with that, no one listens to her. When Mike is forced to call GG to uninvite her, and GG tries to explain that she wants to make things right, but that Asa won’t give her a chance.

Now that she’s not going to Mexico, GG organizes a sit down with her dad and her sister, Leila, to talk about the fight they had.  Leila apologizes about the things she said to GG, but unfortunately when they start talking about the company things get heated again.  GG explains that she wants to get a launch party together, and Leila tries to tell her that she’s just the face of the company.  GG reminds her that she is responsible for marketing and advertising and is not just the face of the company.

The group arrives in Mexico (including Lilly and Sammy from season 1)  and right out of the gate Lilly doesn’t fit in with the group.  She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t party and the group starts talking (and showing pictures of) Sammy’s privates making her feel out of place.

Later that night the group goes to dinner the conversation takes a very serious turn when MJ talks about her first therapy session to help get over the issues she has with her mom, but Reza suggests that they lighten the conversation, leaving MJ hanging after opening up such a deep wound. MJ tries to explain that it was difficult to share this information with everyone including Lilly who she “doesn’t know that well” and Asa starts laughing at her and making rude comments. Lilly calls MJ out on not liking her, but before it escalates Reza calms everyone down saying he wants them to get along. MJ and Asa get into a fight (what the fight is really about isn’t all that clear, but Lilly seems to be the catalyst). During the fight Asa claims that MJ is drunk and “popping pills” and MJ leaves the dinner table. Reza goes to speak to MJ and MJ draws a line in the sand, saying that if he stays at the table that he’s siding with Asa.

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset”? Are you siding with MJ or Asa in this fight? Do you think Lilly is a good addition to the cast or do you think she just doesn’t fit in? And what about GG – do you want to see her brought back into the group? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Bravo

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