Succession season 3 episode 3: Where are Kendall Roy’s kids?

Succession season 3As we prepare ourselves for Succession season 3 episode 3 airing on HBO this weekend, we of course have plenty of Kendall Roy questions. Take, for example, what’s going on with his kids. Technically, he has more responsibilities than either Shiv or Roman and yet, we don’t see all that much of them. His daughter Sophie’s room was used for a negotiation on this past episode, just like his ex-wife Rava’s place was the site for most of the drama.

So is Kendall going to have some more family-based stories moving further into this season? Will we get a better sense of how his actions impact some of them?

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For the time being, it is still clear that a few parts of the equation are rather hush-hush. Yet, in a new interview with Vulture here is some of what Natalie Gold (who plays Rava) had to say about where we could see Kendall’s family come into play:

I think Rava is trying to normalize their lives as much as possible and protect them from the media and the scrutiny. But we do get glimpses that especially her daughter Sophie is up on social media. There’s a certain level of all of this being to protect them, but Rava can only do so much. I think she does really want him to be present and a part of their lives, but she’s always walking the razor’s edge between “Do I want them in a room alone with their grandfather? Nope,” and “Is Kendall sober? I don’t know.” In my head, it’s always been a little mafia-esque. You can never really get out. I’ve always thought that her values and politics are more on the liberal end and she’s trying to do good. But … she’s still taking that money!

Ultimately, we do think that Kendall’s kids will play a role in some of his decision-making … eventually, anyway. One of the ultimate realities we’re going to see discussed on this show is how in a lot of ways, Kendall is more like his father Logan than he cares to admit.

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Where do you see some things going for Kendall Roy moving into Succession season 3 episode 3 this weekend?

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