YOU season 3 episode 9: Love (almost) kills Theo; the cause behind it

YOUIf we are to take a deep look at YOU season 3 episode 9, the #1 takeaway is ultimately quite simple: This is when it all falls apart. Or, to be more specific, this is when there’s no turning back for Joe and Love.

By the end of this episode, Joe is fully plotting an endgame that no longer includes his wife and the mother of his son. Meanwhile, Love is starting to see her mistakes pile up, including getting way too close to Theo and understanding further how her love for Joe doesn’t mean that he will ever love her back.

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We’ll be the first to say that when we saw her strike Theo, we thought for sure that he was dead. We’ll get into this more in the finale discussion tomorrow, but it remains a miracle that he was able to survive after he saw Sherry and Cary locked in the box. There’s also another interesting question worth considering here: How different would Love’s life be had she ran away with Theo? She could’ve tried to pin everything on Joe and started somewhere else. The problem remains the same one she always had: She’d be with yet another person who wouldn’t love the real version of her. Eventually, she’d end up doing the same exact thing that she’s done so far.

Love needs to love herself, ironically enough. Joe, meanwhile, needs to realize he’s chasing something he will never achieve. Marienne doesn’t love the real him; she just loves a version of him and he’s ready to destroy his whole life to live in that illusion.

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