American Horror Story: Double Feature finale: Will it tease season 11?

American Horror Story: Double FeatureAs we prepare for the American Horror Story: Double Feature finale airing on FX this Wednesday, there are things to wonder about. Of course, we should wonder about how the story of “Death Valley” concludes, but why not also ponder over season 11? We know, after all, that more is coming within this world.

So will the show actually do something over the course of the finale to tee up what the future could be? There’s certainly reason to wonder this.

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In the past, one of the longstanding traditions that we’ve seen from the American Horror Story franchise is that they use the finale in order to tease somewhat the story to come. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but it’s certainly popped up here and there. Take, for example, Asylum serving to set up Coven in some shape or form. These Easter eggs are not to be major spoilers; instead, they are just small windows into what the writers could be planning down the road.

So we wouldn’t go into the “Death Valley” finale thinking 100% that there will be some sort of setup for what a season 11 will be … but we’d also keep your eyes peeled. There’s no guarantee that Ryan Murphy or anyone else on staff will end up giving something major away, and odds are, they won’t even confirm the theme for season 11 until 2022. They like to keep us guessing, and we’re sure that they will do that again here.

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