Succession season 3 spoilers: Final premiere predictions!

Kendall Roy, SuccessionTomorrow night on HBO, it’s finally here: The epic, powerful Succession season 3 premiere. This is a TV event that’s been two years in the making and it goes without saying there’s a lot of hype at the center.

So what can we say for sure will be a big part of tomorrow’s episode? Well, there are a few different things we are pleased to dive into here.

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Let’s start with the inevitable: The aftermath of Kendall Roy’s move. The bulk of this episode (titled “Secession”) is going to be all about seeing how the family reacts to a grenade being thrown into Waystar Royco’s operations. Kendall has implicated his father Logan big-time, and be prepared to see Shiv, Roman, and Connor all scatter to the wind. They don’t want to be attacked to a sinking ship; instead, it’s better that they are around in order to pick through some of the rubble.

So what else can you anticipate over the course of the hour? We’ll get some sort of update on Shiv and Tom’s marriage, which hit a near-breaking point in the finale as the two seemed to have very different expectations for what they were signing up for. Meanwhile, Roman could get adjusted to a new role, but it could be a brief one depending on what happens to his father.

Be prepared for there to be a lot of pressure for different characters to pick sides; it may not materialize into anything, but rest assured that the pressure will still be very-much there.

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What are you most interested in seeing during the Succession season 3 premiere?

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