‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: Who believes that Brody ‘deserves to die’?

HomelandGoing into the “Homeland” season 2 finale earlier this year, there were a good many people (ourselves included) that felt as though the only way the series could still move forward and be taken seriously was for Nicholas Brody to ultimately bite the bullet … and for the first few minutes, it seemed like that would be the case as Quinn had the gun pointed at him and was ready to fire after receiving orders from Estes to go through with it.

Why kill Brody? The answer was simple: even though he had helped to take down Abu Nazir, this was still a man with shaky trust given that he once put on a suicide vest, and he is someone that has the capacity to do evil again. Even though he did not die and Estes did after the bomb went off in the finale, the man responsible for playing the CIA director still feels as though the actions of his character were surely justified.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, much of what David Harewood had to say ultimately echoes some of our own thoughts about killing Brody:

“I think [Estes] was fully justified in trying to get rid of Brody, even though all the ladies don’t think that’s the case … I think he had to go. I mean, this was a guy who put on a suicide vest. This was a guy who was prepared to blow up half the American administration – including me!”

First of all, we love that Harewood almost takes a little bit of a shot at Carrie in here, mostly because she is the one now who has dictated the entire course of season 3. Had she not taken Brody up to the cabin, he would probably be dead and Estes (along with many other CIA operatives) would still be alive.

What we know right now about the aftermath of Carrie’s decision is that she and Saul will be largely the focus of season 3, and that the story will be “smaller” in scale and could take place largely overseas. After all, there is no way to have Brody involved in the story at all if the main characters are still in America and have not fully cleared his name.

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