NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9 spoilers: More on Ed Helms’ return, documentary crew

The OfficeBack when Greg Daniels announced this past fall that this is the final season of “The Office,” he added in there that we would finally start to learn a little bit more about just who some of these people are who have been recording these people at work over the years. This idea has been met with mixed criticism thus far, with some people preferring to actually have this remain a mystery. (Others, meanwhile, have liked the idea of breaking the fourth wall a little bit.)

So what is Daniels saying about when this veil will be lifted? Speaking in a chat with TVLine, the showrunner explains that the secrets will start to be revealed in the January 24 episode, and he describes it as a “total explosive mind-bender.” We don’t necessarily think that he is speaking in terms of that we will be stunned about who is recording the documentary, but rather that getting to finally have the answer to this long-standing question is going to give the show a completely different feel.

As for when Ed Helms’ Andy is actually going to return to Scranton, Daniels says that this will come around February or March. The reason for his absence, which is explained on the show as Andy and his brother taking a boat trip to find themselves, is that the actor has been hard at work on some film projects including “The Hangover Part III.” Unfortunately for Andy, while he has been away his love interest of Erin (who feels slighted over not getting to go with him) has spent a little bit of time bonding with Pete.

Do you really care about just who is behind this documentary? Be sure to share what you think below, and you can also find out what big-name director is taking the reigns for an upcoming episode by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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