‘The X Factor’ USA: How Carly Rose Sonenclar, Emblem3 helped Simon Cowell

X Factor NewsSimon Cowell is a very, very rich man. How so? Let’s just say that even though the second season of “The X Factor” USA failed to produce much in the way of shocking ratings, his production company still managed to turn a massive profit in 2012.

So how much has Cowell benefited from this show at the moment? Let’s just say that for the fiscal year featuring the show’s first season, Simon’s TV production company Simco scored over $52 million in profits. Simon’s company also of course produces “America’s Got Talent,” so you cannot attribute all of this cash to the new talent competition; however, it is still stunning; and while specific figures have yet to be released for season 2, it is believed that even with lower ratings and with paying Britney Spears $15 million to be a judge, Simon still found a way to rake in some massive amounts of cash.

Of course, we know what the critics are going to say after seeing these massive earnings: that Cowell is piggybacking off of the success of such people as Emblem3, Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Tate Stevens in order to pick up hefty paychecks for him and other producers … especially when the contestants are not making nearly the same amount of cash.  While not everyone may like this, this is merely the way in which the television business operates: no one is ever really paid equally, and what “The X Factor” offers for contestants is a launching pad to either be a millionaire (if you win the grand prize) or to have a career that could get you millions of dollars down the road. Considering that Emblem3, Carly Rose, Tate, and Fifth Harmony are all set to be given some sort of recording contract via either Sony Music or L.A. Reid’s Epic Records label, you really have to expect that they are smiling ear to ear at the opportunity this show has given them.

Are you cool with Simon making so much cash off of “The X Factor,” especially since he is the one behind getting the show off the ground in the first place? If you want to see some more highlights coming in from Carly, Tate, and judge Demi Lovato, you can do so here.

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