The Blacklist season 9 promo debate: Reddington’s new appearance

The Blacklist logoIn case you did not know, this week a new The Blacklist season 9 promo emerged online, and it’s one that raises many questions!

For the sake of this article, though, we want to keep things simple and geared mostly around one subject: Raymond Reddington’s new appearance. We now have a better sense of why production was keeping his look under wraps entering the season: He’s completely bald now! You can see that in the closing seconds of the promo below.

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One of the prevailing theories that is going to come with Reddington’s new look is that it is a result of his sickness and what he’s gone through over the past several years. That makes the most sense; maybe he is doing better, but the treatments he was undergoing could have cost him his hair. He could also just be getting balder as he ages, but that feels a little unlikely given what we know about this show.

Is it possible that this is a part of an intentional transformation? Maybe a few shifts to Reddington’s appearance help him to be incognito for a little while longer. If he’s really been off the grid and out of touch for the past two years, he’s likely somewhere that he doesn’t want to be found. Beyond just that, he’s probably somewhere that he could blend in; a slightly different look could aid that. He may also view a transformation as a chance to embark on a new phase on his life; with Liz gone, maybe the character of Reddington as we knew him is, as well.

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What do you think is going on with Reddington’s appearance within this The Blacklist season 9 promo?

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