NCIS season 19 episode 4 promo: Is a warrant out for Gibbs’ arrest?

GibbsNCIS season 19 episode 4 is set to arrive on CBS next week, and it looks already like Gibbs is in big trouble.

In his first appearance, we really enjoyed seeing Gary Cole as FBI Alden Parker. Now, he’s getting a little irritating — we don’t need to see this character as yet another federal law-enforcement agent who is out to arrest Mark Harmon’s character. Haven’t we been here before on some level?

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In the promo below, you can see it proclaimed that there is seemingly a warrant out for Gibbs’ arrest. We should note that there are some parts of this that could be a little misleading. We never actually see these words uttered to Gibbs’ fate or specifically about him; theoretically, this video may be out to trick us and we have to be prepared for something like that. It does make sense why Parker would want revenge, though, given that Gibbs technically did ditch him and while took off with Lemere on this week’s episode. He doesn’t even have a formal job with NCIS right now! That makes everything that he does a little bit hazier.

It’s going to be hard for Parker to arrest Gibbs right now, if this is even what he wants. After all, the character and McGee are taking off to Alaska in “Great Wide Open” to pursue a very critical lead related to Sonova. This is the company that seems to have hired Lemere in the first place; they’re trying to mask contract killings as the work of a serial killer.

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