‘Buckwild’ premiere review: A ‘Jersey Shore,’ or a West Virginia bore?

BuckwildWe have to start this review of “Buckwild” out for giving MTV a great deal of credit: they did a phenomenal job in promoting this show, and making it out to be the next big, controversial show about a group of geographically-based young people who love to have a good time. They caught lightning in a bottle with “Jersey Shore” for many years, so why not try it again?

Unfortunately, the problem with “Buckwild” is that we are not quite sure the show is worth all of the advertising space. Basically, the comparison of it being “Jersey Shore” meets “Duck Dynasty” is still very much valid; they are young hillbillies out to have a good time, and while they do many similar stunts to the Robertson clan in Louisiana (using a garbage truck as a swimming pool vs. building a water park in a pond), they do so while drinking rather than talking about their faith or making duck calls.

Were there some funny moments? Sure, and Shain is also a great character in particular: a guy so backwoods that his idea of communicating with someone from a distance is hollering from one porch to the next. The problem with the show as a whole is just that it feels too much like an MTV show by the numbers: there is booze, there is screaming matches with complete strangers, there are hookups (see Tyler and Cara), and there are even allegations on Twitter over just how “real” the reality is. The show at least feels to be better grounded than “Jersey Shore” season 6, but it probably helps that these people are not stars and are treated like normal people.

Overall, we’re just not sure that “Buckwild” really does anything that different from what is already out there to justify an existence on the air. What made “The Hills” and “Jersey Shore” so popular was that they presented a lifestyle that was relatively foreign to viewers. Meanwhile, this is a lifestyle that has already been exploited on reality TV for years.

Do you think that “Buckwild” is a show that you would watch more than once, or is this something you are planning to stay away from moving forward? We want to hear your thoughts below! You can also take a further look at the show over at the link here.

Photo: MTV

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