‘Elementary’ episode 11 review: Did Watson accept Holmes’ apprentice offer?

ElementaryOn tonight’s episode of “Elementary”, Watson’s time with Holmes is almost over and Sherlock is counting down the days (or at least that’s the way he’s making it sound even though we all know he doesn’t want her to leave.)

Holmes calls Watson out on her love of detective work, and she admits that she’s been “intrigued” by what he does. He tells her that he thinks that she may enjoy it more then moving onto another job as a sober companion and offers her an apprenticeship in exchange for some light house work and a place to stay (with him).  She tells him that she’s not accepting his apprenticeship and assures him that she will not be staying with him once their time is up, but Holmes is not convinced.

After Holmes thinks he’s solved tonight’s case, he comes home and finds Watson looking through the evidence, because she has a feeling that something just isn’t right. As it turns out Watson is right, and that there was something Holmes overlooked, leaving Holmes even more convinced then before that Watson needs to give up her line of work as a sober companion and become his apprentice.  Unfortunately Watson informs him that she’s taken another job and will be starting with someone new next week – Holmes is not impressed with her decision.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Elementary”? Do you think that Watson should take the job with Holmes or do you think that it will change the dynamics of their relationship too much for it to work out? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.  Also if you’re curious to learn more about next week’s episode be sure to check out our preview here.

Photo: CBS

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